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hal-01300355v1  Poster
Jean-Michaël Celerier. Techniques vidéo-ludiques pour logiciel auteur multimédia
Journée de l'École doctorale de mathématiques et informatique, Mar 2016, Talence, France
hal-00300624v1  Article dans une revue
Benoît ParreinNicolas NormandJean-Pierre Guédon. Multimedia forward error correcting codes for wireless LAN
Annals of Telecommunications - annales des télécommunications, Springer, 2003, 58 (3-4), pp.448-463
hal-00300672v1  Communication dans un congrès
Jean-Pierre GuédonNicolas NormandBenoît Parrein. Multimedia packet transport: multiple layers or descriptions?
IEEE Packet Video workshop, 2003, Nantes, France. 7 p., 2003
hal-00300679v1  Communication dans un congrès
Pierre VerbertJean-Pierre GuédonBenoît Parrein. Distributed and compressed multimedia transmission using a discrete backprojection operator
SPIE ITCOM 2002, Aug 2002, Boston, United States. 4862, pp.315-325, 2002
hal-00851956v1  Communication dans un congrès
Dominique FoberStéphane LetzYann OrlareyFrédéric Bevilacqua. Programming Interactive Music Scores with INScore
Sound and Music Computing, Jul 2013, Stockholm, Sweden. pp.185-190, 2013
hal-00602203v1  Communication dans un congrès
Svebor KaramanJenny Benois-PineauJean-François DartiguesYann GaëstelRémi Mégret et al.  Activities of Daily Living Indexing by Hierarchical HMM for Dementia Diagnostics
IEEE. 2011 9th International Workshop on Content-Based Multimedia Indexing (CBMI), Jun 2011, Madrid, Spain. pp.79-84, 2011
hal-01152740v1  Communication dans un congrès
Christophe Lino. Toward More Effective Viewpoint Computation Tools
Eurographics Workshop on Intelligent Cinematography and Editing, May 2015, Zurich, Switzerland. pp.8, 2015
hal-01136252v1  Communication dans un congrès
Jaime AriasMyriam Desainte-CatherineCamilo Rueda. A Framework for Composition, Verification and Real-Time Performance of Multimedia Interactive Scenarios
15th International Conference on Application of Concurrency to System Design, Jun 2015, Brussels, Belgium. 〈10.1109/ACSD.2015.8〉
hal-01095159v1  Communication dans un congrès
Jaime AriasMyriam Desainte-CatherineSylvain SalvatiCamilo Rueda. Executing Hierarchical Interactive Scores in ReactiveML
Journées d'Informatique Musicale 2014, May 2014, Bourges, France
hal-01129316v1  Communication dans un congrès
Jaime AriasMyriam Desainte-CatherineCamilo Rueda. Exploiting Parallelism in FPGAs for the Real-Time Interpretation of Interactive Multimedia Scores
Journées d'Informatique Musicale 2015, May 2015, Montréal, Canada
hal-01095176v1  Communication dans un congrès
Jaime AriasMyriam Desainte-CatherineCamilo Rueda. Modelling Data Processing for Interactive Scores Using Coloured Petri Nets
14th International Conference on Application of Concurrency to System Design, Jun 2014, Tunis, Tunisia. 〈10.1109/ACSD.2014.23〉
hal-01129394v1  Communication dans un congrès
Jaime AriasMyriam Desainte-CatherineCarlos OlarteCamilo Rueda. Foundations for Reliable and Flexible Interactive Multimedia Scores
Fifth Biennial International Conference on Mathematics and Computation in Music, Jun 2015, London, United Kingdom. 9110, pp.29-41, 2015, Lecture Notes in Computer Science. 〈10.1007/978-3-319-20603-5_3〉
hal-01055236v1  Communication dans un congrès
Adel AltiSébastien LaboriePhilippe Roose. Semantic Context-aware Adaptation Platform Architecture
The 5th International Conference on Ambient Systems, Networks and Technologies (ANT-2014), Jun 2014, Hasselt, Belgium. Procedia Computer Science, 32, pp.959-964, 2014, 〈10.1016/j.procs.2014.05.518〉
hal-00753160v1  Article dans une revue
Jefersson Alex Dos SantosPhilippe-Henri GosselinSylvie Philipp-FoliguetRicardo Da Silva TorresAlexandre Xavier Falcao. Multiscale Classification of Remote Sensing Images
IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 2012, 50 (10), pp.3764-3775
hal-00505087v1  Communication dans un congrès
Yifan ZhouJenny Benois-PineauHenri Nicolas. Multi-object Particle Filter Tracking with Automatic Event Analysis
First ACM ARTEMIS2010 International Workshop on Analysis and Retrieval of Tracked Events and Motion in Imagery Streams, Oct 2010, Firenze, Italy. 2010
hal-00753158v1  Communication dans un congrès
Romain NegrelDavid PicardPhilippe-Henri Gosselin. Using Spatial Pyramids with Compacted VLAT for Image Categorization
International Conference on Pattern Recognition, Nov 2012, Tsukuba, Japan. 2012
inria-00603171v1  Ouvrage (y compris édition critique et traduction)
Petros MaragosAlexandros PotamianosPatrick Gros. Multimodal Processing and Interaction - Audio, Video, Text
Springer, pp.374, 2008, Multimedia Systems and Applications, 978-0-387-76315-6
hal-01055237v1  Chapitre d'ouvrage
Tayeb LemloumaSébastien LaboriePhilippe RooseAbderrezak RachediKenza Abdelaziz. mHealth Contents and Services Delivery and Adaptation Challenges for Smart Environments
Sasan Adibi. mHealth Multidisciplinary Verticals, CRC Press/Taylor & Francis, pp.295-314, 2014, 978-1-4822-1480-2
hal-00753154v1  Communication dans un congrès
IEEE International Conference on Image Processing, Sep 2012, Orlando, United States. 2012
hal-00753155v1  Communication dans un congrès
Alexis LechervyPhilippe-Henri GosselinFrédéric Precioso. Linear kernel combination using boosting
European Symposium on Artificial Neural Networks, Computational Intelligence and Machine Learning, Apr 2012, Bruges, Belgium. pp.6, 2012
hal-00753156v1  Communication dans un congrès
Alexis LechervyPhilippe-Henri GosselinFrédéric Precioso. Boosting Kernel Combination for multi-class image categorization
2012 IEEE International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP), Sep 2012, Orlando, United States. IEEE, pp.4, 2012
hal-00753157v1  Communication dans un congrès
Romain NegrelDavid PicardPhilippe-Henri Gosselin. Compact Tensor Based Image Representation for Similarity Search
IEEE International Conference on Image Processing, Sep 2012, Orlando, United States. 2012
hal-00853736v1  Chapitre d'ouvrage
Jenny Benois-PineauBrian LovellRobert Andrews. Motion Estimation in Colour Image Sequences
Christine Fernandez-Maloigne. Advanced Color Image Processing and Analysis, Springer, pp.377 - 395, 2013, 978-1-4419-6189-1. 〈10.1007/978 - 1-4419-6190-7_11〉